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Crystal aka Serena only did 4 scenes and one anal she looked like she regretted 2-Mary Lee Czech looks very uncomfortable during her DP 3-Sabrina Deep bukkake queen first anal was tough 4-Sabrina Deep gangbanged but had trouble with that dick dick in her ...ass 5-Karianna UK slut did lots of anal , but Jack is way too big 6- Jennifer Nyce did one anal , and took Justin deep in pile driver to start! 7-nychole Mac did one anal and that looked tough 8-Kelli Bundii aka Eva Cole 1st anal with Ed and it's "ouch" 9-Kelli did a 2nd anal and that's not probably faked 9-Marianna pretty Hungarian did only a few , and looked really scared 10-Marianna another anal that looked tough 1-Marianna another anal she regretted 12-Stacie Starr Aussie Milf gets a rough 1st Anal 13-Betty Blaze limber Gilf did one scene , a tough anal 14-Sindy Vega very skinny Czech fights back as his fat cock spreads her rectum -Mona cubby Germans first scene and the anal isn't as easy as she thought 16-Peachy aka Mary young sexy Russian gets a hard anal 17-Jill aka Toma young frizzy Russian submits to her due 18-Courtney Star her only anal , a very rough DP- she was in way over her head 19-20 Holly Hummer and her nice big areolas probably shot both these in the same day , her ass must have really hurt 21-Holly Hummer and Shane Tyler looked like both their anals hurt 22-Holly Hummer why did she do anal ? 24-Sunny her anal was a bit rough-guess TT Boy wasn't a gentleman , Alyssa Allure not so happy either 24-Tyler is shaking scared , but Darian Laquoix seems to love it 25-26 Annika LaRue did one DP , looked tough -especially the anal at first 27-Alis Russian teen only did a few anals , she's trying to pretend she likes it , and it's clear she doesn't 28-Wendy Russian did only one anal with woodman , then this DP , not so bad in RCG , then doggie anal gets rough 29-Ginger Lea hot Mommy looks in trouble during her anal 30-Ginger Lea looks like she can't wait for it to be over 31-Lydia aka Orsi pretty Hungarian gets her first anal-and its clear its no fun 32-Anal not a walk in the park for Hope Howell 32-Valerie Lux 1st anal and the initial penetration make her wince terribly 33-Velerie Lux her 2nd looked worse 34-Valerie switches to a normal size cock , so not as bad 35-Valerie then went back to a BBC , then quit anal 36-37 Promise pretty Black girl looks in agony 38-Sindy Vega 6'0" super skinny Czech gets her second anal-and she's got too skinny an ass for that 39-Pamela Hungarian did only a few , and one anal- starts out ok , but her asshole quickly wears out 40-Melissa chubby amateur with floppy tits did one anal and it looks like she suffered 41-Daisy McLane aka Kelsey Way , 1st DP , anal was okay but two big cocks was too much 42-Micara Ukraine whore did enough anal she should be used to getting her anus spread 43-Tanya aka Rocky Star Russian girls first scene maybe , a tough DP 44-Sugar Kane sweet curvy Milf was in trouble when Wesley went for the anal 45-46 Melissa Garcia French brunette lets her ass be taken , not quite sure she liked it 47-Anastasia Mayo Spain cutie tried one anal-kinda difficult 48-Cindy Hope Hungarian skinny tried one anal , she winces as her rectum sits on that cock 49-Oliva La Roche sexy Czech wasn't ready for her first anal to be so vigerous 50-Olivia second anal , same boat , same pain 51-Olivia's 3rd , a dp that was rough-despite the big dildo in her ass to open her up
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