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First Time Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:19:42
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    Martin was fully convinced when he told us that Kettie had one of the tightest pussies he'd ever fucked. "It was like silk", he said. This time, Kettie is back and she's as sexy, her body as tight (as well as her pussy) as you remembered it!

    Kris is her real-life boyfriend so we really wanted to shoot a scene with them together, the intimacy levels were high and there was plenty of foreplay, oral sex and eye contact as they made love in front of the camera. Kettie's strong climax as she rides his dick was fantastic to watch, she rides him hard and he was deep inside her when she came!

    Fortunately for us they had just started experimenting with anal sex! Kettie has only ever had a finger up her ass before, but she felt ready to let Kris put his long cock inside her tiny starfish and we were lucky enough to be able to film her first on-camera anal sex experience. They take it nice and slow, as he loosens her up and relaxes her using his fingers, her pink pussy glistens with wet excitement!

    Finally Kris slides back inside her vagina and it's not long before he can do nothing but pull out and come all over her ginger pubic patch!
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    Cast & Stars: First Time

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