Big Breast Amateur Girls 24






Studio: Homegrown Video
Approximate Running Time: 01:25:34
Released: 2011

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Nina tells a few personal sex stories. She unleashes her huge jugs, while she rubs her pussy and shows off her big ass to the camera. Rick Cuban comes over and licks her tits, then Lars joins in on some three-way action. She gives a double handjob before getting tit fucked. Both men frost her boobs with warn gobs of semen.

Baby XXX is a cute Slavic girl, shopping with her boyfriend, Cappiati, for bikinis and bathing suits. They go into dressing room where she strips and shows off her big tits. They leave and head over to the local swimming pool. In the locker room, they get nude and he licks her tits. She gives him a quick blowjob before jumping into the pool. After a swim, they move over to the sauna, she shows off her pussy, then takes a shower.

Rachel is a shy and nervous Asian with awesome boobies. She takes a shower and afterwards, she gets on her knees to give Martin C a blowjob, a hand job and then a nice it fuck. They move on to the couch for some fucking. They end the scene with Rachael stroking and sucking martin's cock until he unleashes his load on her face!
Clip 1 - 26 mins 1 sec

Stars: Nina | Lars | Rick Cuban
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Clip 2 - 27 mins 57 secs

Stars: Baby XXX | Cappiati
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Clip 3 - 31 mins 33 secs

Stars: Rachael | Martin C
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Cast & Stars: Big Breast Amateur Girls 24

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