Fake Agent Presents - Liza






Studio: Fake Agent
Approximate Running Time: 00:48:41

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Liza is a pocket size Russian sex kitten. She's so cute and innocent looking you wouldn't think she was harboring a massive personality which total eclipses her size. On the occasion of her casting couch interview, we discussed a lot of different scenarios in which she would provide sex for my friend, but first she would have to test her skills on me. She was extremely captivating, uninhibited, and of course pecuniary as hell. So it didn't take much to entice her into a sexual liaison. This petite blonde ends up with an anal creampie as a parting gift.
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Fake Agent Presents - Liza Clip 1 00:09:20
Fake Agent Presents - Liza Clip 1 00:13:20
Fake Agent Presents - Liza Clip 1 00:21:20
Fake Agent Presents - Liza Clip 1 00:31:00
Fake Agent Presents - Liza Clip 1 00:45:40
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Cast & Stars: Fake Agent Presents - Liza

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