Homegrown Video Vol. #166






Studio: Homegrown Video
Approximate Running Time: 00:56:15
Released: 1989

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This is a hot video! Crystal appears on several other tapes and all of them are hot videos. The classic Nordic beauty. Blonde hair on her head and a pussy to match. She has a beautiful body with long legs, trim waist, large tits and an absolutely gorgeous face. Now, if that enough, and doesn't seem to care about this; she is a sex machine! She can't get enough and doesn't seem to care whether the person she's with is male or female!

The other young lady in this video is Jean. Considerably smaller, jean is in fact petite. Slender to the point of being lithe, with small tits and long (for her size) thin legs, dark hair, and a pretty face!

Their boyfriends are away and the girls are bored. As the tape opens, Crystal enters and says to Jean "Look what I brought you." She shows Jean a large bottle of oil and they get down on the floor as Crystal proceeds to apply oil. Jean then gives Crystal an oil rub and it is equally sensuous. Crystal reaches for a double dildo and inserts one end of it into Jean's pussy and starts a rhythmic penetration. As the depth and pulse increases, so do the gyrations of Jean's hips until Jean has an explosive climax.

Trading places, Jean oils the double dildo for use on Crystal and inserts it about 6 inches. Crystal really enjoys it and we can tell from the sounds. A close-up shot allows us to watch as she rubs her tits and hisses over and over "Ohh yeah, OOOh yea!"

As the two girls masturbate themselves, legs entwined, Crystal leaves her own pussy and goes back to work sucking on Jean's small tits and then starts giving Jean head in earnest. Jean goes crazy, continually moaning "yesssss, yesssss," over and over while building and when she crashes over the crest, her orgasm is as loud and intense as any you have ever seen on one of these tapes.

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Clip 1 - 56 mins 14 secs

Homegrown Video Vol. #166 Clip 1 00:02:20
Homegrown Video Vol. #166 Clip 1 00:13:40
Homegrown Video Vol. #166 Clip 1 00:34:20
Homegrown Video Vol. #166 Clip 1 00:43:40
Homegrown Video Vol. #166 Clip 1 00:52:40

Stars: Crystal | Jean
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Cast & Stars: Homegrown Video Vol. #166

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